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Becos Junno Makes Me Smile (´ε` )♡


About Me

My name is Chisuke. The Princess of Prince Taguchi Junnosuke. (o´∀`o)゛ I'm truly, madly, passionately, extremely crazy inlove with him! (≧ω≦) His smile changed my life! He is my precious only one and my everything, The reason why i have Obsession, Addiction and Possession. My love for him is infinity. And i want to be with him eternally. (∩◡∩)

I'm calling him Junno-sama because it suits to a prince like him. Though I`m calling him Jun-chan too. He is perfect for me. Each and every thing about him was angel-like. (╯3╰) I love him not just a fangirl but a woman. (ミ´ω`ミ)

Once a proud Hyphen, Always a proud Hyphen~╰(•^◡^•)╯KT 5nin Saikou!